Political Action Issues

The NYCPAC provides financial support to pro-chiropractic candidates and elected officials.

As we all know, there are those who do not understand or appreciate the value of chiropractic and the services we provide our patients and seek to undercut our profession.  We must work to support candidates and elected officials who know our value and support our issues.

We’d like to express our sincerest gratitude for the generosity of our donors:

Platinum Donors


  • Christine Antoldi DC
  • Joseph Campisi DC
  • John Gerlach DC
  • Archer Irby DC
  • Michael Mestan DC
  • Anthony Palumbo DC
  • Mariangela Penna DC
  • John Piazza DC
  • Chris M Piering DC
  • Gerard Piering DC
  • Gerald Stevens DC


Gold Donors


  • Robert Brown DC
  • Joseph Merckling DC
  • Mark Schur DC


Silver Donors


  • Joanna Fasulo DC
  • Allison Fleming DC
  • Charles Fundaro DC
  • Chris W Piering DC
  • Robin Stein DC


Bronze Donors

up to $240/year

  • Antoinette Kranz
  • WIlliam Lauretti DC
  • Louis Lupinacci DC
  • Evan Pasqua DC
  • Steven Riess DC
  • Barbara Rosinsky DC
  • Michael Stirpe DC


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